Here Is the Video by Dr. Peter McCullough That Is Changing Minds About the 'Vaccines'

Dr. Peter McCullough Reveals the “Next Shoe to Drop” With the Covid Jabs

Dr. Peter McCullough has been making the rounds with interviews because he has a new book that was just released, but invariably he ends up talking more about the dangers of Covid jabs than the book itself. He did it when I interviewed him, and he did it again in a recent interview in which he revealed “the next shoe to drop.”

He opened by mentioning Edward Dowd, the former BlackRock manager who has come out hard against the vaccines and how Big Pharma defrauded the government. Then, he went after the jabs themselves.

“The vaccine accelerates death from other causes,” he said. “So if someone has cancer, the vaccine accelerates that. If someone has heart disease, they’re much more likely to have heart attacks and strokes. The blood clotting is undeniable.”

That part is nothing new. Most of our readers are well aware that the vaccines pose a real threat to public health, far more so than the disease itself for people under the age of 50. But it’s what Dr. McCullough said next that was eye-opening.

“The vaccine is incredibly risky, and it is… basically it’s achieving its goal,” he continued. “If the goal was to reduce the world’s population, it’s working. It’s not been long enough to see the effects of the vaccine on fertility, but that’s the next shoe to drop.”