Dr. Mark Trozzi Issues Plea for Parents to Stop Poisoning Children With the Covid Jabs

Dr. Mark Trozzi is no stranger to controversy. Last year, the Ontario doctor was barred from issuing Covid-19 “vaccine” exemptions.

He continues to be a strong voice in opposition to the jabs and his latest video is a plea to parents who are considering having their kids injected.

“And this is not a mistake,” he said in reference to the jabs dramatically increasing deaths among children. “This is a mass crime against humanity. It’s mass murder and assault. And it’s founded on fraud. So there is no indemnity for the perpetrators.”


“Denial is not the answer,” he concluded. “So I’m calling on all of us. I’m calling on police, military courts, militia, teachers, politicians, doctors, nurses, parents, and all good people to do our duty. We must save the children and save each other. God bless you.”

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