Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson Tells Fellow Canadians They Have No Idea What Was Done to Them Yesterday

The fight for Canada’s freedom continues despite what Justin Trudeau and the legislature have done by approving the Emergencies Act to continue. The Liberal government won the vote 185-151 with the support of the New Democratic Party.

Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson took to social media to remind Canadians of what the Emergencies Act was intended to do and to ask them if they believe the Trudeau regime is using it for that purpose.

“Canadians, you have no idea what was done today in the name of — what? Safety? Punishment? What’s the rationale, even hypothetically? The Emergency Act was reserved for events that threatened the very existence of the state. If you think that current events qualify, think again.”

Western leaders have been silent despite clear human rights offenses against the Freedom Convoy and their supporters. The government has cracked down hard, making hundreds of arrests of peaceful protesters, freezing bank accounts of donors, and establishing a de facto police state in the nation’s capital.

But the fight continues. Events have been popping up in other cities across the country. Donations continue to come in through alternative means. The complicit corporate media is doing everything they can to switch the narrative but many if not most Canadians are waking up to the realization that their government is not working on their behalf.

It all started with an idiotic vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the U.S. border. Since the “vaccines” do not offer protection against infection nor do they prevent someone from spreading the disease, the mandates have become increasingly unpopular. But that’s not stopping people like Trudeau and Joe Biden from pressing forward with them anyway.

Free people across the globe and throughout the United States have watched the Canadian situation closely. The universal vaccination agenda must be stopped, so seeing how the people and government of Canada react is telling.