Dr Aseem Malhotra

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: Psychotic “Delusion of Benefit” Blinding Millions to Vaxx Risks

Dr. Aseem Malhotra has gone from vaccine-pushing cardiologist to one of the most prominent voices against Covid jabs in the world. He has put his career and his future on the line by putting a huge target on his back for the vaxx-pushers and their cronies to hit. But the truth is the truth and he is determined to get it out to the masses.

On a recent interview with GBNews host Neil Oliver, Dr. Malhotra explained from his expert perspective why the Covid jabs should never have been injected into a single human.

“In my whole career in medicine, Neil, with all the academic work I’ve done looking at all different areas of medicine, specifically also related to cardiovascular disease, I have never seen such high, overwhelming quality of evidence of harm of any drug and such poor efficacy,” he said.

One would think that with the overwhelming evidence, much of which we’ve discussed ad nauseam here, there shouldn’t be a single lucid person on the planet who is still willing to get jabbed. It definitely seems that more people are waking up, but there are still millions of Americans and hundreds of millions worldwide who wholeheartedly embrace the jabs and can’t wait to get another booster in their arm.

According to Dr. Malhotra, this can be attributed to indoctrination and ignorance, but there’s another factor at play. A psychosis Dr. Malhotra calls “Delusion of Benefit” has prompted many people to willfully ignore the evidence of against the “safe and effective” narrative in favor of justifying their poor decisions. Watch:

Fewer people, including many vaccine skeptics, are ringing the alarm bell about the jabs lately. But there are still plenty of people to reach with the truth, so we must continue to express it at every opportunity.