Dozens of Business Groups and Labor Unions Beg Biden-Harris Regime to Push Vaccine Mandate Until After Christmas

Dozens of Business Groups and Labor Unions Beg Biden-Harris Regime to Push Vaccine Mandate Until AFTER Christmas

News has been coming out this week that business groups and labor unions are pushing for the Biden-Harris regime to delay their vaccine mandates for businesses until after Christmas. They say the mass exodus of employees and reduction of infrastructure support such as truckers will destroy their chances of boosting the economy during the Christmas buying spree.

According to CNBC:

Worried that President Joe Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate for private companies could cause a mass exodus of employees, business groups are pleading with the White House to delay the rule until after the holiday season.

White House officials at the Office of Management and Budget held dozens of meetings with labor unions, industry lobbyists and private individuals last week as the administration conducts its final review of the mandate, which will require businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure they are vaccinated against Covid or tested weekly for the virus. It is estimated to cover roughly two-thirds of the private sector workforce.

OMB officials have several meetings lined up Monday and Tuesday with groups representing dentists, trucking companies, staffing companies and realtors, among others.

The American Trucking Associations, which will meet with the OMB on Tuesday, warned the administration last week that many drivers will likely quit rather than get vaccinated, further disrupting the national supply chain at time when the industry is already short 80,000 drivers.

The trucking association estimates companies covered by the mandate could lose 37% of drivers through retirements, resignations and workers switching to smaller companies not covered by the requirements.

“Now placing vaccination mandates on employers, which in turn force employees to be vaccinated, will create a workforce crisis for our industry and the communities, families and businesses we serve,” Chris Spear, the association’s president and CEO, wrote in a letter to the OMB last Thursday.

Retailers are also particularly concerned the mandate could trigger a spike in resignations that would exacerbate staffing problems at businesses already short on people, said Evan Armstrong, a lobbyist at the Retail Industry Leaders Association.

“It has been a hectic holiday season already, as you know, with supply chain struggles,” Armstrong told CNBC after a meeting with White House officials last Monday. “This is a difficult policy to implement. It would be even more difficult during the holiday season.”

Thirty percent of unvaccinated workers said they would leave their jobs rather than comply with a vaccine or testing mandate, according to a KFF poll published last month. Goldman Sachs, in an analysis published in September, said the mandate could hurt the already tight labor market. However, it said survey responses are often exaggerated and not as many people will actually quit.

This is all fine from a business perspective, but they’re missing the bigger boat on this one. We don’t need a delay. We need a reversal. The vaccine mandates are supposed to be coming out sometime soon, though we don’t see the regime rushing to push it through. Whether they come out before Christmas or after, the mandates still represent the segregation of society and an unconstitutional suppression of our rights. Not much changes if they come out in November, December, or January. They will cripple the already-flailing economy. Getting a little extra cushion during Christmas is not a viable solution in the short term, let along down the road.

It will be interesting to see how the regime responds. If they do not listen to these business groups and labor unions, then we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the White House is propelling us as quickly towards economic collapse as possible. That seems to be the case anyway considering the policies they’ve put into place already, but a rushed vaccine mandate will verify the conspiracy is real.

Photo by Bernd Dittrich on Unsplash.