Doubling Down on a Coup d’état – Focus on Mayorkas

By now, you’ve likely seen content from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. You’ve likely heard of his indictment on gun charges related to that content. You may even have seen some of the many sadistic pictures found on his laptop.  If you’re just joining this conversation, here’s a quick recap.  Hunter Biden likes to document his life on his laptop. He left a laptop at a repair shop and never returned to collect it and pay for repairs.  The shop’s agreement for service states that abandoned equipment after a period of time becomes the property of the shop.  This is exactly what happened with Hunter’s laptop.  The legally blind gentleman who owns the shop made efforts to reconnect Hunter to his abandoned laptop and those efforts went unanswered.  The abandoned laptop legally became the property of the shop. When the hard drive was discovered to contain content depicting potentially illegal activity, the store owner contacted law enforcement to turn over the laptop for investigation.  The FBI sat on the laptop. There was then an effort to depict the laptop as bogus Russian disinformation and characterize it as yet another tactic of “Trump and Russian collusion” to steal an election for Trump.  Joe Biden orchestrated the concocted of a letter signed by 51 “intelligence officers” who discredited the authenticity of the laptop and declared it, in lock-step, Russian disinformation.  Members of the press willingly propagated this “bogus laptop Russia/Trump collusion” narrative to the voting public.

The laptop was legitimate. It was Hunter’s laptop. The legally blind shop owner who was attacked by the media was correct and acted as any American witnessing a potential crime would have.  The only problem was he ultimately delivered the laptop into the hands of people fully engaged in a coup d’état of the American government, and they were able to further their coup with a letter stating the laptop was Russian disinformation.

According to a piece published in The Epoch Times, many of those signatories have just been picked by the Biden administration’s Sec. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to a Homeland Intelligence Experts Group. If that isn’t akin to hiring John Wilkes Booth’s buddies for a security team assigned to investigate Lincoln’s assassination, I don’t know what is.  To sweeten the pot, Sec Mayorkas named some of the very journalists who collaborated to discredit Hunter’s laptop as authentic to the Homeland Intelligence Experts Group.  They were critical to furthering a Russia-Russia-Russia-type narrative that served as a smoke screen to hide Biden family crimes documented on the laptop.  But let that sink in – journalists on a Homeland Security Intelligence Experts Group. What qualifies them for a Homeland Security role?  Certainly not their coverage of the border crisis.

By any and all measures our borders are less than secure.  The state of our national security is deplorable under Sec. Mayorkas.  Any country experiencing the number of people crossing their border illegally that the U.S. is currently experiencing would call it what it is – an invasion.  The only reason we don’t call it an invasion is because the present administration sanctions the illegal crossing and stonewalls any and all efforts by Americans to halt it. (Texas was sued by the Federal government for its efforts to secure its border.)  Sec. Mayokas’s decision to double down by hiring the very people who lied to the American public as signatories to the letter discrediting Hunter’s laptop only advances these actors’ efforts at what may accurately be described as a coup d’état of the American government.  They intended to manipulate the outcome of an election to their advantage by illegal means.

Congress needs to uncover any quid pro quo that may have been arranged between the Biden campaign and administration and any of the signatories, as many have been rewarded for their lies with positions in the Biden administration.  Congress should suspend Mayorkas pending the outcome of an investigation or at a minimum reduce his pay to $1 a year to force him out.  He’s an abject failure in his role if his goal is to protect the interests of the American people.  If he operates under any other goal, he is abdicating his sworn duties.  It’s time we remove from office those who clearly do not serve America.  Sec. Mayorkas’s actions and inactions appear to rise to the level of treason.  At a minimum, they leave our country unsecured from invasion.  The first step in securing our homeland is removing those officials who aren’t securing it.