Double-Vaxxed and Boostered SecDef Lloyd Austin Has Symptomatic Covid-19

Double-Vaxxed, Boostered, and Triple-Masked SecDef Lloyd Austin Has Symptomatic Covid-19

It’s the same old story every single time. A known celebrity or politicians gets Covid. They let the world know that they’re “fully vaccinated” and, lately, have received their booster shots. Then, they and they media make it clear that they KNOW the symptoms they’re feeling would have been worse if they were unvaccinated.

That’s the storyline as retold over and over again by mainstream media about “rare” breakthrough cases which, at this point, are quite clearly not rare at all. It’s the storyline that Biden’s “woke” Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, is echoing now that he’s the latest “rare” breakthrough case. According to Fox News:

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday after experiencing symptoms of the virus while at home on leave.

In an emailed statement released Sunday night, Austin said that he is fully vaccinated and received his booster shot in October, which he says has made the infection “much more mild.”

“As my doctor made clear to me, my fully vaccinated status — and the booster I received in early October — have rendered the infection much more mild than it would otherwise have been. And I am grateful for that,” Austin said.

Let’s talk about science for a moment. There is absolutely, positively zero way for anyone, doctor or not, to know definitively that the Covid jabs rendered an individual’s symptoms milder than they would have been if they were unjabbed. It’s quite literally impossible as there are a multitude of cases of unvaccinated people who did not experience symptoms at all, to the point that they didn’t even realize they had caught Covid. Sometimes, they learn when going to the doctor for other reasons. Other times they learn about it when they’re given an antibody test.

The false narrative of the jabs mitigating symptoms is backed by very shady and politically influenced studies. I’m not saying there’s no evidence that the jabs appear to make some cases less severe. They might do that for some people. But to say definitively that every breakthrough case would have been worse if they were unjabbed is categorically false. It’s the most anti-science and ignorant statement anyone can make about the jabs, and that’s saying a lot when we consider how badly the science has been butchered for the sake of the universal vaccination agenda.

As we push through the swamp of lies that have covered this nation and most of the world, it’s important to call them out as we tread along. It’s not easy because of the sheer bulk of falsehoods out there in the world, but it must be done. Otherwise, we will all drown as the lies continue to grow.