Pandemic Panic Theater

Don’t Let the Truth About Covid “Vaccines” Get Swept Under the Rug

Judging by what’s being published on most conservative news outlets and what’s being broadcast on most conservative shows, Pandemic Panic Theater seems to be a thing of the past. Very few are fighting against the medical tyranny that continues to rise around the country because it seems like most are under the false belief that face mask and vaccine mandates are done.

They’re not done. They were paused for the sake of pushing the Ukraine-Russia narrative. It’s unfortunate that so few seem to recognize this. When inexplicably in February there was a wave of Democrats at the city and state level ending the face mask mandates that most of them had been promoting just days or weeks before, the vast majority of conservative pundits and commentators claimed Democrats must have been reading the polls.

This is a false notion. It had absolutely nothing to do with the polls. Democrats don’t really care that much about polls, especially nine months before the election. Moreover, there were plenty of Democrats who are not even up for reelection who pulled down their mandates at the same time. No, this was a narrative shift, not something driven by poor poll numbers.

That should concern us because it means a narrative shift in the future will likely mean the return of Pandemic Panic Theater. All we need is a new real or contrived variant to hit the streets for the stage to be set. Then, the powers that be will determine when they’re ready to move on from the Ukraine-Russia war or whether to run both ops simultaneously. A lot of it will depend on the election; will Democrats be able to cheat enough to preserve their power or will the GOP landslide be too absolute? If they think they can win with an achievable amount of cheating, expect a new variant or even a new disease to pop up a couple of months before election day.

But my latest episode of The Midnights Sentinel, replayed from the live show at 2pm on Red State Talk Radio, wasn’t about predicting when they’ll roll out the next wave of Covid hysteria. It was about preparing as many people as possible with the truth about Covid-19 and the so-called “vaccines.” I often find myself assuming that pretty much everyone knows by now that the jabs aren’t working as they were originally sold, but that’s not true. There are still many Americans today who believe the jabs will protect them from the catching the disease.

There are millions who are not aware of the risks inherent with them. Corporate media makes a habit of never talking about VAERS data or adverse reactions in general. They downplay the accepted reality that the jabs are ineffective and simply promote the equally false narrative that they’re protecting people from hospitalizations and death.

I referenced an article by Mary Villareal during the show. It’s worth a read. Here’s a snippet:

For Alexander, what is happening with the COVID vaccines is reminiscent of the negative vaccine efficacy of the dengue vaccines that killed children in the Philippines in 2017, where the shots should not have been used.

Today, the repercussions of COVID vaccines show a massive increase in all-cause mortality numbers reported by insurance companies. Excess deaths are also showing up in almost all age cohorts and cannot be explained away by other causes, and the COVID-19 vaccine is now being referred to as the “greatest fraud” in modern history.

While business continues for Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna, as word gets out past censors and silencers, it is only a matter of time until the truth about the ineffective vaccines becomes evident to everyone.

I highlighted that last portion because it’s the only part of the article that I don’t really believe. The propaganda and gaslighting campaigns by corporate media and our own government will keep many people in the dark indefinitely. It’s up to us, those who know parts of the truth, to disseminate this information and help ourselves by gaining allies. We will need as many Americans as possible to be aware of the scams surrounding the pandemic and the vaccines if we’re going to have any chance of stopping the massive medical tyranny that is coming.

It’s not like Pandemic Panic Theater went away. It’s quieter now, but they’re still rolling out fourth jabs. They’re authorized to roll out a fifth and they’re pushing for a sixth by fall. It’s not over yet, so don’t get complacent.

We cannot assume everyone knows the inefficacy and risks associated with the jabs. We need to be bold and share the truth with as many people as possible before the next wave of Pandemic Panic Theater begins.