Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr. Warns About Next Covid “Variant”

Donald Trump Jr may not a doctor, but he has insights into what the next version of Covid-19 is going to look like and what will prompt it.

“Get ready folks. The Midterm Variant is coming and it’s going to be really scary.”

The story he referenced discusses the Biden regime’s “revelation” that we will see massive spikes in cases of Covid-19 in the fall. This is, of course, very convenient for Democrats who are seeing their midterm election hopes fade with every passing day. According to WXII12:

Coronavirus wave this fall and winter could potentially infect 100 million, White House warns

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is issuing a new warning that the U.S. could potentially see 100 million COVID-19 infections this fall and winter, as officials publicly stress the need for more funding from Congress to prepare the nation.

The projection of 100 million potential infections is an estimate based on a range of outside models that are being closely tracked by the administration and would include both the fall and winter, a senior administration official told CNN. Officials say this estimate is based on an underlying assumption of no additional resources or extra mitigation measures being taken, including new COVID-19 funding from Congress, or dramatic new variants.

The White House is sharing these estimates as officials renew their push to get Congress to approve additional funding to combat the virus and as the nation approaches a coronavirus death toll of 1 million. Officials have said the White House will commemorate the moment when the U.S. surpasses 1 million deaths from COVID-19.

The Biden administration has been sounding the alarm for weeks that additional funding is needed to continue the federal COVID-19 response, even as it seeks a return to “normal” with many pandemic-era restrictions lifting.

As we’ve been warning about since February, Pandemic Panic Theater is not over. Many analysts and commentators in conservative media cheered when face mask mandates and other restrictions were lifted that month. The vast majority of them claimed something to the effect of “Democrats started reading the polls” or “now they’re lifting restrictions because it’s an election year.” These assumptions were false.

As I’ve detailed on multiple occasions and at least two different podcasts, there were two reasons for the sudden and otherwise inexplicable lifting of restrictions in February. First, the powers-that-be needed the news cycles to be focused on what they knew to be an upcoming invasion by Russia of Ukraine. They didn’t want anything distracting from the narrative they were building; they wanted all eyes on Moscow and Kyiv.

Second, sustaining Pandemic Panic Theater was growing untenable. They knew it would be much easier to play like “good guys” and lift restrictions before the summer so when they rolled them out again with the next “surge,” scariant, or a new disease altogether in the fall, the new restrictions would be easier to initiate.

It’s no secret that lockdowns benefit Democrats in elections. A scared or restricted population is easier to control and less likely to vote in person. Moreover, collecting and falsifying mail-in ballots is exponentially easier than dealing with massive in-person voting. If you’re going to steal an election, it’s easier when you have more mail-in “voters” to manufacture.

While most Republicans are feeling great about their chances of retaking control of the House and Senate in November, it behooves them to remember the desperation and dishonesty of their opponents. Pandemic Panic Theater is coming again.