Donald Trump Jr. Slams China for Threatening Nuclear War Over Wuhan Flu Questions

Donald Trump Jr. Slams China for Threatening Nuclear War Over Wuhan Flu Questions

Every day, more people are coming to the realization that the Chinese Communist Party likely created the Wuhan Flu at the Wuhan Virology Lab and either intentionally or accidentally released it onto the world, causing mass destitution for billions, toppling the economies of dozens of nations, and killing millions. We want answers but the Chinese Communist Party is not offering them. In fact, the sheer gall of those of us asking questions about it has prompted them to threaten nuclear war over it.

Donald Trump Jr. is among the millions of Americans who are not very happy with them over it. He released a video on Rumble that says what so many of us are thinking.

On a side note, if there’s any reason to dump YouTube and use Rumble instead, Trump Jr is it. He posts and promotes his videos from Rumble instead of YouTube, and though he cross-posts them to his YouTube channel as well, the video above has tens of thousands of views on Rumble while a only a few dozen on YouTube. Moreover, there’s a pretty good chance this and other videos will be removed or at least suppressed on YouTube while being on the front page of Rumble.

“These guys are not reasonable players,” he said. “They’re not decent players. And elevating something to nuclear war for finding out something that everyone in the world would like to figure out is not a reasonable reaction that people who are innocent have.”

China has acted like a guilty party despite all of the cover-up actions by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mainstream media, Democrats, and the entirety of the globalist cabal of elites who depend on China to be their check on American supremacy. This is why there has been a muted reaction to the unhinged threats made by the Chinese Communist Party to prepare for war as more people around the world begin to disregard the “bat soup” theory.

To say the Chinese Communist Party is hiding many things about Covid-19 would be like saying Joe Biden is covering up for Hunter. Everyone knows it, too few are speaking it, and evil persists as a result. Watch this video from Donald Trump Jr. now.