Musk Scruggs

Donald Trump Jr. Shares Hilarious Meme With Elon Musk About His Current Plight

When Elon Musk was hit with #MeToo allegations shortly after declaring that he would be voting for Republicans, many chimed in to say that it was clearly a politically motivated attack. Twitter user Catturd had thoughts:

LOL … @elonmusk says he’s going to vote Republican for the first time. The next day a sexual misconduct allegation suddenly appears. Elon is learning just how evil the Left really is – but I have a feeling, he’s going to win.

Musk replied, “They began brewing attacks of all kinds as soon as the Twitter acquisition was announced. In my 30 year career, including the entire MeToo era, there’s nothing to report, but, as soon as I say I intend to restore free speech to Twitter & vote Republican, suddenly there is …”

The next day, Donald Trump Jr. shared a meme with Musk inspired by a funny scene from the 2018 Coen brothers movie, “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”:

Sometimes it’s best to just laugh at the left’s shenanigans.