Donald Trump Jr. Has a Great Question for CNN

Donald Trump Jr. Has a Great Question for CNN Fake News

Imagine if producers at Fox News or One America News were caught preying on kids for sex. It would be wall-to-wall coverage on the leftist networks like CNN and MSNBC. It would very likely not be avoided by the right-leaning networks who employed the pedophiles, either. I may not be a fan of everything that Fox News does, but they tend to be more introspective with their reporting when things aren’t going well.

But it wasn’t one of the right-leaning networks caught harboring a child sex trafficking suspect or a ignoring the sickening desires of another producer. It was CNN, the king of fake news and the robustly failing embarrassment among American mainstream media outlets. How much time have they allotted to discussing their internal problems? Not much, if any at all.

Donald Trump Jr wonders if it’s more than just embarrassment. Are they doing it all willfully?

Since they comment on everything else I’m wondering why CNN hasn’t commented on the multiple alleged pedophiles they employed? I mean if it was Fox it would be nonstop from all the leftist media orgs? Is this tacit acceptance of that behavior? The left seems to be going that way!

“Is this tacit acceptance of that behavior?” Actually, it almost certainly is. CNN has been pushing a perverse sexual narrative surrounding kids for years as their Cultural Marxist ideology shines through in the most hideous ways imaginable.