Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr Drops a Truth Bomb on Ukraine Aid and Hits Woke Culture Simultaneously

President Trump being off of Twitter made it an even darker and less interesting place than it already was. Seeing his “mean Tweets” regularly added a bit of spice to the woke platform in a way that nobody has been able to properly duplicate.

His son comes close.

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to ridicule those in our government who are pushing the nation toward nuclear war with Russia. While doing so, he snuck in a jab about the gender and pronoun madness we’re experiencing today.

Is there a consensus on what pronouns to use for World War III if our idiot politicians decide it’s brilliant to get further involved in a regional conflict between two corrupt nations one of whom has the worlds largest nuclear Arsenal? Because that’s what really matters.

Donald Trump Jr.’s post was appropriately snarky while pointing out truths most Americans have not been allowed to hear. The woke military under Joe Biden is ill-prepared to get into any conflict with any nation right now.