Donald Trump jr

Don Jr. Lays Out the Simple Truth About How Most Feel Towards Transgenders in Sports

I couldn’t have said it better myself:

“It’s not that hard. No one gives a s*** if you don’t want to be a man anymore… just don’t use that biological advantage to destroy woman’s sports crushing female competitors who have trained their whole lives to be the best female athletes out there.”

It’s so true. Nobody’s telling people like “Lia” Thomas that they can’t identify as a woman even if God made them into a man. That’s on him. Our problem is with the clear dominance he has demonstrated in his sport. I’m not buying that he unintentionally lost his first meet to a transgender man, or that he came in 5th after getting major blowback for dominating the competition to win the NCAA crown the day before. He made decisions to try to make it all seem fair, and that in itself is not fair at all.

Transgenders do not need to be in locker rooms, jails, bathrooms, or sporting competitions with members of the opposite biological sex, period. They can dress like women and all that stuff in situations where they’re not affecting others negatively.