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Doctors: WHO Wants to Control Health Care in US

(The Epoch Times)—The World Health Organization is aiming to weaponize public health to advance centralized control over medicine and expand that power to anything else it can define as a public health crisis.

In a Conservative Political Action Conference panel hosted by Jan Jekielek, a senior editor of The Epoch Times, physicians Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Brooke Miller explained what they see as a plan to expand the centralization of medicine. The event took place at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Fort Washington, Maryland, on Feb. 24.

“This appears to be a power grab,” said Dr. Malone, who hosts the EpochTV show “Fallout.”

While the WHO and its Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus deny it, Dr. Malone said the WHO, an agency of the United Nations, is proposing an international treaty that would allow the WHO to establish treatment norms and define a public health crisis “for anything they wish.”

Dr. Malone said this power can be used to tell the United States what to do about matters like energy, carbon dioxide emissions, firearms, and abortion.

“Everything falls under public health as an issue, and then they will have the authority to mandate what nation-states shall do in response to those public health emergencies,” Dr. Malone said.

States that object, Dr. Malone said, will be subject to potential sanctions or other actions if they don’t follow the WHO’s commands. He argued this is an unconstitutional action since the federal government is not granted public health authority under the Constitution.

“This goes all the way down to the level of the WHO being able to stipulate what medical products or procedures you receive, what vaccines you take, what medicines you’re allowed to take,” Dr. Malone said.

“This is centralized medicine on a global scale.”

Both Dr. Malone and Dr. Miller lamented the shift away from patient-driven medicine toward what they called checklist medicine.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both physicians saw how the medical world rejected researching novel ideas and treatments for the disease and instead followed the orders of the top public health authorities.

Dr. Miller said when he was investigating treatments for COVID and presented them to fellow doctors, they “didn’t want to hear about it.”

“They only wanted to follow what the central planners told them to do,” Dr. Miller said.

Even without a WHO treaty, Dr. Malone said the medical profession is now becoming more centralized, and thinking outside the box is being punished.

“In many states, many nations, there are now laws being enacted that physicians that speak about their opinions, their observations, which differ from the approved narrative, they’re subjected to jail time in major fines up to $200,000,” Dr. Malone said. “This is coming through in Canada and already is enacted in France.”

This shift, Dr. Malone said, completely ignores the Hippocratic Oath a doctor should swear to, which compels them always to do what’s best for the individual patient.

The medical industry wants doctors to work off of a checklist and follow a set of prescribed orders, Dr. Malone said. Furthermore, he said the breakdown of individualized care is part of a broader objective: artificial intelligence-driven medicine.

“That’s where they want to go … standardized medicine where you’re all a number, and you are processed through the system given a diagnosis,” Dr. Malone said. “Checklist-driven medicine … is what’s being taught in medical schools right now, together with wokeism, this is what’s being pushed all the way through the system.”

The doctors said regular people need to get involved with their government to prevent the further centralization of medicine in the country. Dr. Miller said citizens must not be afraid to stand up to the powerful.

“We must demand that our government not sign this treaty. And I would say go even further, we must leave the WHO and defund the WHO,” Dr. Miller said.

Dr. Malone said people need to get involved with their state governments, alert them of what’s happening, and urge them to resist. He also recommended forming a commission to review what’s happening within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Finally, he said people need to seek out doctors who aren’t part of the corporate medical world.

While many doctors may not want to be involved with corporate health care, the increasing complexity of paperwork forced by the Affordable Care Act and other regulations —and the allure of money— makes it harder to avoid.

“They work for the corporation, they don’t work for the patient,” Dr. Miller said.

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