Disparity in Jaydolph Insleeze’s Easter vs Ramadan Tweets Demonstrates Satanic Left’s Hatred for Christianity

The war against the faith has been ongoing for many years. There was a time not too long ago when Democrat lawmakers would embrace faith and allow for faith-driven policies. That may be hard to imagine in today’s world, but even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton originally ran in 2008 against gay marriage. Oh, how times have changed.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is a stereotypical leftist Democrat. Some might even say we can look at him as the standard for the modern Democrat Party — radically woke, militantly anti-freedom, and devoid of any public attachments to reality. That’s why his Tweets about Ramadan and Easter are so different. They give us a clear view into the collective mentality of today’s Democrats.

Here’s what he said about Ramadan:

In observation of Ramadan, we extend our warmest wishes to our Muslim friends and neighbors. May your fasting and prayers bring peace, happiness, and prosperity. Ramadan Mubarak! #Ramadan #RamadanMubarak #RamadanKareem

It’s a respectful post that highlights his reverence and appreciation. He mentioned specific aspects of the Muslim holiday, demonstrating that this wasn’t just a passing, “Happy Ramadan” Tweet.

Now, compare to how he noted Passover:

To all those gathering around a Seder table this evening, Trudi and I wish you a happy Passover. Chag Sameach!

This was far less involved and far more generic. Clearly, he holds the Jewish holiday in lower regard than its Muslim counterpart. At least he mentioned Seder.

Now, compare to what he said about Easter:

Hopping into Easter Sunday with joy and laughter – Trudi and I wish everyone a hoppy and egg-citing Easter! 🐰🥚🌷 #HappyEaster

He is mocking us. He didn’t mention anything about the actual holy day. Instead, he made a conspicuous and clumsy attempt to make this a rabbit holiday.

To anyone who might think the disparity is unintentional, let me state this with absolute clarity. All three Tweets were meticulously crafted to send the exact message Democrats want to be portrayed. They desperately want to downplay Christianity and to a lesser extent Judaism while bowing to Islam and steering everyone into their true religions of Climate Change Hysteria and the LBGTQIA+ Supremacy Cult.

The war against faith is accelerating. This is our one and only warning. Within years — not decades — Christianity will be all but outlawed in the United States if Democrats have their way. I am not being an alarmist. This is the path they are on and they won’t stop themselves.

This isn’t new. As mentioned before, Barack Obama used to be mild about abortions, allegedly against gay marriage, and at least pretending to be Christian. Today, he demands as many abortions and gay marriages as possible while ramping up direct attacks against the Bible.

Even Inslee demonstrated pro-Muslim tendencies before. As Todd Hermann noted on Twitter, Inslee’s 2021 Ramadan Tweet even had a revering video:

Nearly everything Democrats are doing against freedom, conservatism, patriotism, and sovereignty in the United States ties directly to their war against the faith. Until more people acknowledge this, we will not be able to mount a proper counter-offensive.

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