Disabled Canadian Man Reveals He’s Been Offered Euthanasia Multiple Times by Hospital Staff

(Natural News)—A Canadian man who lives with a chronic disability has disclosed how he has received offers to undergo medical assistance in dying (MAiD) “multiple times” while in the hospital.

Roger Foley, 49, revealed this to filmmaker Amanda Achtman as part of her “Dying to Meet You” series. In a video posted on YouTube as part of the series, Foley – who was “very sick” as a child – described himself as “very uncoordinated and always tired” as he lay on a hospital bed.

While the disabled Canadian didn’t disclose the exact nature of his condition, he said he couldn’t function without medication and is essentially bedridden. He continued: “They didn’t really have a lot of testing of what I ended up being diagnosed with. So I just thought I’m lazy, I can work through it.”

When asked if he had been offered MAiD – Canada’s legal term for euthanasia – Foley replied in the affirmative. He added that he has received offers to end his own life “multiple times,” recounting one instance to Achtman.

“One time, [my doctor] asked me: ‘Do you have any thoughts of self-harm?’ I’m honest with him and tell him, ‘I do think about ending my life because of what I’m going through, being prevented from the resources that I need to live safely back at home,'” he shared.

“And from out of nowhere, he just pulls out, ‘Well, if you don’t get self-directed funding, you can always apply for an assisted, you know what I mean?’ You feel so pillaged.”

Foley lamented that Canada’s current healthcare system has not helped him to live his life better. Instead, it has caused him more struggles.

“It’s completely traumatized me. It’s this overlying option, where in my situation when I say I’m suicidal, I’m met with ‘Well, you know, the hospital has a program to help you with that if you want to end your life,'” he said.

“That didn’t exist before MAiD was legalized [in 2016]. But now it’s there. There is not going to be a second within the rest of my life that I’m going to have flashbacks to it, the devaluing of me and all that I am.”

Foley optimistic that he can break through the MEDICAL MURDER system

Foley also mentioned that when it comes to MAiD, he observed that the mainstream media parrots the narrative that only people of faith are against euthanasia. This, he pointed out, is nothing but “gaslighting.”

“That’s the ultimate gaslighting statement. I’m not religious. I respect people who are religious. [But] saying that it’s just religious persons who oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide are completely wrong.”

He also mentioned that when it comes to his future, he has “hope” that he will soon be able to “break” through the system and live at home.”

“The thing that gives me hope is that one day, this titanium wall of a system, I’ll be able to … break through it and get access to the resources that I need, and to live at home with workers who want to work with me and I want to work with them. We can work as a team, I have a passion [for] that. I don’t want to give up my life.”

In February, the federal government in Ottawa under the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delayed its planned expansion of MAiD to those suffering solely from mental illness to 2027. However, this only happened after pushback from pro-life, medical and mental health groups alongside provincial governments.

Around 65,000 Canadians had been killed through euthanasia since the practice was made legal in 2016, with an estimated 16,000 recorded in 2023 alone.

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