Did the Jabs Kill Former ESPN Reporter John Clayton?

Sports reporter and commentator John Clayton has died. There is speculation across social media claiming that he may have died from a recent booster shot of Covid-19 “vaccines” as the family and those close to him announced he died of an unspecified “short illness.”

Adverse reactions from Covid-19 jabs often manifest suddenly and unpredictably. It all depends on where the spike proteins accumulate in the body. When they hit the heart, they can cause myocarditis or pericarditis. When they create clots in the blood stream, they can hit anywhere and cause a wide array of complications, including death.

According to ESPN:

John Clayton, one of the country’s foremost NFL insiders who covered the league to great depths during a 20-plus-year career at ESPN, died Friday after a brief illness, his family said. He was 67.

“The Seahawks are heartbroken to learn of the passing of John Clayton after a battle with a brief illness at the age of 67,” the team said in a statement.

An anonymous source in sports talk radio said Clayton was on “vacation” last week. His last known appearance on-air was March 8th on Seattle Sports 710 AM radio when he discussed the Russell Wilson trade.

Having to speculate about vaccine deaths is an unfortunate situation those in alternative media are forced to do. Any information about vaccines and adverse reactions to them is quickly quashed, ignored, or even debunked by the same corporate media that said Russia colluded with the Trump campaign and the Hunter Biden laptop was manufactured disinformation. They are the same people who declared definitively that the vaccines were safe and nearly 100% effective at preventing Covid-19 for months before finally acknowledging the fact that breakthrough cases are not “rare.”

Generally, I don’t like to speculate, but there’s a trend that’s been easy to spot. If they say they don’t know what caused someone’s death but it definitely wasn’t the jabs, then it was probably the jabs.

Clayton was an adamant promoter of the Covid vaccines and railed against players, including Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who chose not to be injected with the experimental and ineffective drugs.