Despite ZERO Covid Deaths, NFL is Testing Unvaccinated Players DAILY . . . And Vaccinated Players Every Two Weeks

Despite ZERO Covid Deaths, NFL is Testing Unvaccinated Players DAILY . . . And Vaccinated Players Every Two Weeks

Nothing invokes confidence in the efficacy of a “vaccine” than forcing employees to get tested for the very target of that vaccine twice a month. But to the woke NFL, they think it’s a privilege to only have to be tested every 14 days. Unvaccinated players have to be tested daily.


One might think this must be prompted by a slew of Covid-19 deaths of NFL players. How many died before the vaccines? 20? 10? 5? How about zero? Yes, that’s it. There were zero NFL players who died from Covid-19 BEFORE the vaccines were mass distributed and none since, either.

Of course, the report from NBC Sports makes it seem like this is all wonderful and scientific and practical and totally makes sense you guys. But the reporter then says the quiet part out loud, admitting at the end that this is essentially a pressure campaign to get everyone vaccinated. According to the article [emphasis added]:

The training camp and preseason (and presumably regular season) protocols for the NFL and NFL Players Association will result in daily testing for players who have not been fully vaccinated. For players who have been fully vaccinated, the frequency of testing will be dramatically reduced.

According to the NFL, fully vaccinated players will be tested only once every 14 days.

That’s it. Once every two weeks. So in a five-month season from training camp until the end of the regular season, a vaccinated player will be tested roughly 11 times. A non-vaccinated player will be tested at least 150 times.

Players who haven’t been vaccinated and who don’t intend to be vaccinated may not like this, but that’s the practical impact of being vaccinated. Setting aside all other benefits to those who have chosen to receive the shot(s), players who have received the vaccination won’t have a swab jammed up their noses every day, every day. Every. Day.

That surely will cause any non-vaccinated players who are on the fence to go ahead and get stuck once or twice between now and late July, in order to avoid getting tested repeatedly.

There are three types of people pushing vaccines: Those who truly believe in them, those who now have doubts but want to justify taking it themselves, and those involved in the poisoning of the world.