Black Female Lawyers

Despite Only Accounting for 1.5% of Lawyers, Black Women Make Up 100% of This New York Supreme Court Bench

It’s such an incredible coincidence that an entire Supreme Court bench is comprised of black women when they account for such a small percentage of America’s layers. It’s so incredible and so coincidental, in fact, that one might even call it suspicious.

According to End Wokeness:

1.5% of lawyers are black women.

LSAT score average:
White test takers, 153
Asian test takers, 153
Black test takers, 142

An entire NY state Supreme Court bench is compromised of black women.

The mathematical probability of this being random and based on merit is literally zero.

It’s hilarious how the leftist idea of “diversity” is so corrupted that a group comprising entirely of a single demographic (black women) can be considered diverse simply because it contains no white men.