Despite 100% of Passengers and Crew Being _Fully Vaccinated,_ 44 People Test Positive for Covid on Royal Caribbean Cruise

Despite 100% of Passengers and Crew Being “Fully Vaccinated,” 44 People Test Positive for Covid on Royal Caribbean Cruise

To board a Royal Caribbean cruise, all guests and staff are tested for Covid-19 and anyone 12-year-old or above must be “fully vaccinated.” The idea is that by following these draconian protocols, the cruise should be impervious to Covid-19 cases.

That’s simply not the case, as a recent cruise demonstrated. 44 passengers tested positive for Covid despite seemingly no way for the disease to have come onboard. Some are blaming a case that was discovered from the previous sailing of the ship, but Royal Caribbean said that’s not possible. According to USA Today:

In the email to passengers, Royal Caribbean said the cases on the Dec. 11th sailing were “unrelated to the omicron case from the guest who sailed on Dec. 4th.”

The cruise line advised that passengers visit a certified testing center three to five days after disembarkation per CDC guidance.

On Saturday, the CDC said in a statement that the agency was aware of the situation on Symphony of the Seas and that it was “working with RCI to gather more information about the cases and possible exposures, and RCI will be collecting specimens from the current voyage for genetic sequencing.”

The pandemic of the vaccinated continues despite mainstream media completely ignoring it and the Biden-Harris regime spreading the false narrative that the vaccines protect people. Meanwhile, people keep getting sick.