Costco Karen

Desperate Democrats: Costco Karen Disrupts Voter Registration Drive in Washington

(Based Underground)—Democrats know they’re in trouble. The nation is crumbling under policies coming from the White House and blue states are getting worse everyday. But instead of acknowledging the errors in their worldview, they’re resorting to harassment and intimidation tactics to try to retain power.

It’s not just politicians. Citizen “activists” are engaging in hideous behavior to try to prevent Republican efforts. In Washington state, one desperate Democrats went full “Karen-mode” in a Costco to disrupt a voter registration drive.

As patriotic journalist Brandi Kruse noted, these actions are illegal:

HAPPENING NOW: This woman just crossed out a page of voter signatures at the Issaquah Costco, which is a gross misdemeanor. This comes amid Democrat-backed effort to harass and intimidate Let’s Go WA signature gatherers (black marks mine to protect voter info).

The signature gatherer tells me he chased the woman as she ran inside and hid behind a Costco employee. He admits that he shouted at her. Costco called Issaquah police … on the signature gatherers.

The signature gatherers decided to pack up and leave. @IssaquahPolice spoke to them briefly (could not hear conversation). Not clear whether Costco will help police identify the woman who crossed out signatures.

In a twist of fate, yours truly happened to be shopping at Costco while this went down. An employee came up to me and asked me to stop journalism-ing on their property – but not before saying incidents like this are why they don’t like having signature collectors there. HOWEVER:

The law on this is tricky. While Costco is private property, it has allowed similar activity in the past. In fact, in 2010 Costco used its stores as signature gathering hubs to get the liquor initiative passed.

So while Costco was certainly justified in calling @IssaquahPolice to help them sort out this ordeal, surely they also care about helping identify the woman who was attempting to disenfranchise Washington voters? End

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Democrats are so concerned that their policies are being exposed that they’re willing to do anything to prevent the losses coming in 2024. They’d rather see the nation burn under their watch than succeed under Republican control.