California Texas Billboard

Desperate Commiefornia Tries to Slow the Exodus to Texas With Billboards Invoking Uvalde

However low you think politicians and activists in California are willing to go to try to slow the mass exodus from their communist state, they’ll go even lower than that. They’ve gone so far as to post hideous billboards in Los Angeles and San Francisco warning people that if they move to Texas they might fall victim to the Uvalde mass murderer.

No, this is not a Babylon Bee story. This is real life in the Democrat-Socialist-run hellhole.

According to NBC Connecticut:

Some mysterious billboards have recently gone up in San Francisco and Los Angeles, warning people not to move to Texas.

But who is behind it? That’s the big question swirling around the controversial billboards that say “Don’t move to Texas” and “The Texas miracle died in Uvalde,” referring to the deadly school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

The “Texas miracle” is believed to be a reference to the state’s regulatory and economic systems, a term coined by former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to describe years of growth commercial growth. “Don’t mess with Texas,” a slogan developed by the Texas Department of Sanitation in 1985 for a statewide anti-littering campaign, is crossed out with a large red “X” in the top-right corner of the billboard.

California has been hemorrhaging residents in recent years due to massive costs of living, rampant crime, and feckless Democrat leadership that doesn’t seem to care at all about anyone living there who isn’t an illegal alien or part of the LGBTQIA+ community. All of their policy proposals are focused on improving “equity,” which is to say they are moving rapidly toward the Neo-Marxism that has destroyed nations.

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