Desperate Biden-Harris Regime Now Claiming “Defund the Police” Is a GOP Thing

There was a shift in strategy by Democrat election consultants that started taking shape around 2005. After John Kerry lost to weak Republican incumbent George W. Bush, there were private discussions about how Democrats should be “flipping the script” on Republicans by using their media proxies. Through projection and gaslighting, they felt the way to handle any policies or proposals that may damage them could be turned against Republicans instead.

I’ve never written about this because I could never corroborate the existence of the secret meetings other than a single source who was in attendance. But it doesn’t take corroboration to realize that Democrats have clearly used projection and gaslighting in their campaigns since at least the Obama era. Now, the Biden-Harris regime is leaning on the strategy ahead of the midterm elections by trying to paint Republicans as the party of “Defund the Police.”

According to Fox News:

The White House is slamming congressional Republicans, accusing them of working to “defund the police,” “defund the FBI” and choosing the “gun lobby over the fight against gun crime” by opposing assault weapons ban legislation backed by President Biden and Democrats.

The White House told Fox News Digital that they are going on offense in an attempt to hold Republicans accountable for obstructing legislation that would ban assault weapons.

The official told Fox News Digital that the American people “know” that the passage of the assault weapons ban legislation is “key to taking on the rise in violent crime,” which the official said the Biden administration “inherited from the Trump administration.”

It is demonstrable that gun control has the opposite effect on crime than what Democrats claim. Where there’s more gun control, there are more shootings. Murders tend to go where they don’t think they can be stopped by a “good guy with a gun” so gun control policies end up failing miserably. And even if they didn’t fail, they are still an abomination to the Constitution and our natural right to defend ourselves against tyranny.

It isn’t often that I think the average American voter won’t be fooled by Democrat gaslighting, but as the regime tries to paint the GOP as wanting to defund police, I have to hope most Americans will laugh at the ludicrous, feeble attempt to flip the script.

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