DeSantis Responds to Vaxx-Nannies Projecting Their “Authoritarian Ambitions” on Him

The left, particularly the rapidly rising ranks of radical leftists, have two plays they call when reacting to freedom-loving patriots. They usually claim some variation of bigotry; anyone who wants equality is a “racist” in their books just as anyone who calls out groomers is “transphobic,” they claim.

The second play they call is projection. Whatever flaws or evil tendencies they exhibit, they claim it is their opposition that’s actually doing it. There have been plenty examples of blatant and often comical projection being utilized by the left, but few are more ludicrous than what many Covid vaxx-nannies are claiming about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Following his roundtable yesterday during which he called for a grand jury investigation into criminals who pushed the jabs despite clear evidence of their dangers and inefficacy, radical leftists started claiming he was showing his “authoritarian ambitions.” When medical tyrants and their cultists say DeSantis is being an authoritarian, it’s the textbook example of projection.

DeSantis went on with Fox News host Laura Ingraham to respond to these people who are terrified their tyrannical natures will be exposed. Watch:

“The authoritarians were the ones that wanted to mandate the vaxx on people,” he said. “I protected people from having that happen and made sure Floridians could make their own choice. The authoritarians wanted to institute a vaccine passport system, almost like a social credit system, so that people who dissented from this would be marginalized from society entirely. We rejected that and we banned it.”

DeSantis, like most Republican governors, fell for the initial calls for lockdowns across his state. But he corrected his state’s course quickly and made Florida one of the freest in the nation. It drew harsh criticism from vaxx-nannies back then, but the numbers ended up proving his course of action to be correct. Florida outperformed states like California and New York that maintained strict Covid protocols throughout.

It will take more than just one state in order for people to be held accountable. Hopefully, DeSantis will inspire other governors to get involved in not only revealing the truth about the jabs, but also sending medical tyrants to prison. Only then can we have a reasonable expectation that this type of debacle won’t happen again anytime soon.

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