Ron DeSantis

DeSantis PAC Begins Layoffs

(Freedom First Network)—The pro-DeSantis PAC Never Back Down is once again backing off after Governor Ron DeSantis’s lackluster performance in Iowa. Reports suggest that the PAC, which has been facing challenges in recent weeks, started laying off staff on Wednesday.

An unnamed individual associated with the group confirmed the layoffs to the New York Times. One of the affected employees, George Andrews, who had been working as a caucus precinct operations director in Iowa and listed himself as a state director in California on LinkedIn, shared that the reason for his departure was due to “budget cuts.”

Despite being let go, Andrews expressed understanding and support for the PAC’s greater goals for America.

The PAC has been surrounded by controversy, with some questioning the relationship between the PAC and the DeSantis campaign. The group has also experienced multiple departures, including former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who resigned as the chair of Never Back Down. Communications director Erin Perrine and director of operations Matt Palmisano also left the group.

The Trump campaign has since labeled Perrine a “grifter,” claiming that she is attempting to use her past association with Trump to stay relevant as the DeSantis campaign struggles.

This news comes after DeSantis fell nearly 30 points behind Trump in Iowa, despite previously predicting victory in the state. The PAC has also canceled all of its 2024 ad reservations in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Despite these setbacks, the DeSantis campaign remains determined, stating that he has earned his ticket out of Iowa.

Article generated by Discern Reporter from corporate media reports.

Editor’s Commentary: It’s over for DeSantis. He bet it all on Iowa and barely beat Nikki Haley for second. It’s a sad testament about poor political decisions; he likely would have been the de facto nominee in 2028 if he had stayed out of the 2024 race and endorse Donald Trump. Now, he’ll have a very difficult time recovering.