DeSantis Goes on Tucker’s Show to Bathe in Leftist Tears After Taking Down Disney’s Special Privileges

The backlash towards Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been swift, heavy, and harsh after he signed a bill that makes Disney operate on the same rules as every other corporation in the state. For some reason, this has many on the left and even a handful on the right really mad. To address it, he went on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News Friday night.

“This company had a deal unlike any company or any individual in all of the state of Florida… probably anywhere in the United States.” he said. “They were self-governing. They had extraordinary powers. They could build nuclear power plants. They didn’t have to go through permitting processes, obviously a lot of tax benefits. And so that’s just inappropriate.”


He explained why the left is so adamant about trying to push their agenda through corporations rather through direct political action.

“They used to be hostile to big corporations because they perceived those corporations as being apolitical and they wouldn’t support their agenda,” he said. “Now, they figured out that they could try to subcontract out their leftism to some of these big corporations and some of the executives will cave to the woke mob, and then they’ll basically do the left’s dirty work.”

According to Conservative Tree House:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened his broadcast today highlighting the background of the Disney Corporation weaponizing their corporate advocacy to target politicians in Florida.

Disney has said they wanted to advance sexuality lessons in their media empire and support sexualizing children in public schools K-3.  The Disney Corporation has now made it part of their corporate mission to sexualize children; there is quite a backlash taking place,and the value of Disney has dropped dramatically.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a strong position against Disney’s expressed intent and appeared on Tucker Carlson to explain.

Ron DeSantis is doing what every Republican governor in the nation should be doing. He’s taking the fight directly at the left instead of placating and evading battles. Imagine if more did the same.