Deputy White House Press Secretary Posts Nazi Meme to Paint Benedict Biden as “Dark Brandon”

Let’s play “Spot the White House Gaffe.”

When White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates continued his quest to make “Dark Brandon” a thing, he decided to post a meme inspired by the iconic movie poster from The Dark Knight Rises. In his meme, Batman is replaced by Joe Biden wearing a goofy eyepatch and the bat symbol background is replaced by a Nazi Reich Eagle.

Yes, a Nazi Reich Eagle.

Nazi Reich Eagle

It has been well documented that the left can’t meme, but this takes their lack of skill to a different level.

Conservatives on Twitter reacted accordingly:

This is a perfect example of the debacle the Biden-Harris regime has been exposed as being. They can’t get anything right, not even a simple Tweet with a meme. Meanwhile, Americans are suffering through the worst economy our nation has ever seen.