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Depopulationist Bill Gates Is Likely Responsible for the Rise of Polio in America and Across the Globe

Polio is mysteriously surging through New York City and almost certainly in other places across the nation. A state of emergency has been declared by Governor Kathy Hochul as scientists warn that this is a vaccine-derived version of the deadly disease.

Now, data points are emerging, albeit slowly, in western media as the scourge of Bill Gates is becoming clear. This has been well known in places like India where the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have worked hard to get the live oral polio vaccine administered to as many people as possible. The results: Nearly half-a-million children have become paralyzed since 2000.

One might wonder how this could possibly be allowed to continue in India, Africa, and other developing regions. The answer is infuriating. They’ve gotten away with it because they renamed the disease. Seriously. The massive number of adverse reactions are being blamed on “non-polio acute flaccid paralysis” (NPAFP), which honest scientists and doctors admit is just a rebranding of a new and more deadly strain of polio that emerged from the vaccines.

Now, it’s here in the United States despite the fact that the Gates vaccine was outlawed here over two decades ago. Has it been quietly reintroduced to spark the next round of Pandemic Panic Theater?

According to Rebel News:

The news of a polio resurgence has ushered panic into the city with city officials reminding people to get vaccinated and expanding vaccine access via polio vaccine centers. The city is using vaccine infrastructure that was originally set up to combat COVID.

But of course, when there’s a viral emergency, Bill Gates is somewhere to be found close by, and as in other cases, partly to blame for the emergency in the first place.

The form of polio virus found in New York was not wild polio — but instead it was vaccine derived polio. Meaning the polio virus that’s in the polio vaccine that most of the world receives. In other words, the polio vaccine caused this polio emergency.

Most of the world gets the oral polio vaccine, or the OPV. The OPV contains a live polio virus.

This live virus can replicate inside a child’s intestine and spread in places with poor sanitation and plumbing. That means people can contract the virus from the vaccine.

According to a 2017 study by the University of California San Francisco and Tel Aviv University, the “live” but ”weakened” polio virus used in the OPV rapidly regains strength and starts spreading on its own, which has led to “hundreds of cases of childhood paralysis.” In recent years, more children have been paralyzed by the vaccine strain of the virus than by wild polio itself.

In an interview with NPR, professor of microbiology Raul Andino explained:

“It’s actually an interesting conundrum…The very tool you are using for polio eradication is causing the problem.”

In the year 2000, the U.S. halted use of the OPV. But in other countries, the Gates Foundation continues to use its instruments of influence to make sure governments continue administering the dangerous drug.

Polio outbreaks all around the world are the result of this Oral Polio Vaccine. Now, even in New York.

In 2005, Oxford’s Clinical Infectious Diseases Periodical reported that polio outbreaks in China, Egypt, Haiti, and Madagascar were all caused by the OPV, writing that “the time is coming when the only cause of polio is likely to be the vaccine used to prevent it.”

A few years later, the same periodical, while arguing that developing countries should shift to the Inactive Polio Vaccine (IPV) that the U.S. uses, wrote that the OPV is not only giving kids polio, but also “seems to be ineffective in stopping polio transmission” to begin with.

Watch this informative video:

We’ve entered the stage in human history where the globalists and depopulationists are in lockstep and operating in plain sight. They don’t have to skirt the system anymore. They ARE the system, and Bill Gates is at the center of it all.

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