Depopulationist Bachelor Pad for Bill Gates Built Feet Away From Ocean That He Claims Is Rising

According to the radical left, walls are racist and the ocean will take over our shorelines any day now. Apparently, billionaire depopulationist Bill Gates doesn’t heed his own warnings because his new bachelor pad is done and it’s everything he supposedly hates.

It’s right by the ocean… so close that he could jump in it from his backyard during high tide if there wasn’t a wall in the way.

Bill Gates Ocean

According to TMZ, the completed construction will finally give complaining neighbors the rest they’ve needed. Apparently, construction in the San Diego zip code has been a major disruption.

Bill Gates’s new mansion is all set for move-in… and you gotta imagine his neighbors are happy the home’s construction is finished after years of disturbances.

The Microsoft founder completely transformed the multi-million dollar pad in Del Mar, San Diego, gutting the whole thing, adding solar panels and a bunch of other luxury add-ons.

However, while rebuilding the home, Bill definitely ruffled some feathers with locals in the area … with some neighbors reportedly complaining about the noise and disruptions from construction. So, it’s likely a huge relief for them to finally see someone move in.

Bill Gates San Diego

The home was purchased by Bill and Melinda Gates in 2020, a year before their separation, for a whopping $43 million. He had it gutted and rebuilt with solar panels and extra billionaire amenities.

Bill Gates Home

With climate change posing an immediate threat, at least according to Bill Gates, we can expect his new home to be in the ocean by August or something.

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