Dennis Quaid Sounds The Alarm On The US Power Grid Going Down — “It Would Take Us Back To 1880” (VIDEO)

In a recent interview on Fox News channel, Dennis Quaid sounded the alarm on what could happen if the US power grid goes down.

He pointed out there are lots of threats to the US power grid – and one of those threats could come from Chinese balloons.

Watch (transcript of highlights below):

From the video:

Dennis Quaid: There’s been several attacks on substations. I heard about one a couple of months ago, and this is not “day after tomorrow,” by the way. This is tomorrow. I think it could happen. And, it’s a problem that we could fix. It’s basically this: In 2003, right here in New York, there was a wire that brushed up against a tree limb — and it took out the electricity in New York for two days. That was just a small little event. But in an EMP event, a bad actor could take out through a Chinese balloon for all we know, or . . .

Jesse Watters: So they could have put a little something, something on that balloon exploded it over the United States. And we lose power For how long?

Dennis Quaid: Well, it could be up to like 30 days. But what we’re talking about is a nuclear explosion up in space. A nuclear explosion in the atmosphere above the United States could unleash a burst of invisible electrical energy that within a fraction of a second could wash over this country and overload all of our most sensitive electronic devices, including the nation’s power grid. Just 30 days without electricity, it would take us back to 1880. And you wouldn’t be able to get gas. You wouldn’t be able to get food. You know, the police would stay home and take care of their own families . . .

Jesse Watters: And you can’t even survive three days without water. And it would affect the water system as well.

Dennis Quaid: Yes, exactly. And we keep talking about it, but nothing ever gets done . . .

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