Democrats’ Utter Hypocrisy Over Border Wall Is Everything Voters Need to Know Ahead of Midterms

There is one driving factor when it comes to elections. In 2022, it’s not Ukraine. It’s not abortion. It’s not Monkeypox, January 6th, or anything else the Democrats desperately want it to be. It’s DEFINITELY not climate change. As has been oft repeated since James Carville said it in 1992, it’s “the economy, stupid.”

That alone should be enough to drive voters running to the GOP in November. But there are attempts to suspend disbelief in the failure of Bidenomics, so some voters may actually think the current economic crisis is not the Democrats’ fault. For that reason, there’s another huge issue that needs to be added to the mix: The border crisis.

If we weren’t four months from the midterms, the Biden-Harris regime would be continuing to pretend like there’s no real issue at the border. But considering the illegal alien problems is so blatantly bad and apparent to even the most dense Democrat, the Biden-Harris regime is acting. What are they doing? They’re doing what they claimed they would never do: Build more of Trump’s border wall.

This is pure hypocrisy, of course. Joe Biden himself promised he wouldn’t “build another inch.” Kamala Harris called it racist. Every Democrat on Capitol Hill voted against funding it for years. But with the midterms coming, they’re all suddenly scrambling to get the wall built, the same wall they claimed was a “danger to democracy.”

And the hypocrisy is palpable.

Democrats think you’re stupid. They hope you will forget they fought tenaciously against the wall for the last six years, only to suddenly start panicking to build it up ahead of the midterms so you won’t realize how incompetent they are.