Satanic Temple

Democrats Cheer on Pure Evil as Satanic Temple Sues in Federal Court to Overturn Abortion Bans Over “Religious Rights”

The Satanic Temple continues to be the best champion for radical leftists who want to overturn abortion bans that are popping up in red states across the nation. Democrats have tacitly accepted that this is really about “Satanic Abortion Ritual,” and therefore helped frame this issue in a way the Christian conservative right has always viewed it: Good vs Evil.

The context of this move cannot be dismissed. For the Satanic Temple to claim it’s a religious right to kill a preborn child is acknowledgement of what they and the left truly desire. This isn’t about a woman’s bodily autonomy. It’s about a religion’s need to sacrifice children. Some leftists may balk at that characterization, but the devil is in the details.

According to Axios [emphasis added]:

The Salem-based Satanic Temple is suing Indiana and Idaho in federal court over their abortion bans, arguing they violate the religious rights of people in those states. The Satanic Temple filed its complaint against Idaho on Friday, a week after filing a similar one in Indiana…

In latest lawsuits, the temple argued each state’s ban violates the rights of people who took contraceptives and still became pregnant, denying the right of an “involuntarily pregnant woman” to engage in the “Satanic Abortion Ritual.”

Well, that’s pretty straight forward. The Satanic Temple and other religious groups such as the Church of Satan need preborn babies to be aborted as part of their faith. This coincides perfectly with historical and Biblical references to child sacrifices to deities such as Baal.

Some may object to tying this with Democrats, but here’s the thing. You aren’t seeing anyone on the left saying they oppose the premise behind the lawsuits. They’re not saying, “Hey, we don’t agree with them but if that’s what it takes to give us our consequence-free sex back, right on!”

Instead, they’re staying silent or outright cheering it on as de facto support for killing a preborn baby as part of a “Satanic Abortion Ritual.”

Democrats who do not speak out against these lawsuits are giving tacit support to the notion that abortion is necessary for pagan baby sacrifices to continue unabated in the United States. They justify embracing evil because in their minds, the ends justify the means.