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Democrats Are Attempting a Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Pitting GOPe Against “MAGA Republicans”

A unified Republican Party is almost impossible to stop in America. The last time we came close to having one was under Ronald Reagan. Even as successful as Donald Trump was at uniting Republican voters, his opponents in the GOP Establishment were working feverishly behind the scenes to undermine him and tear down his influence. They tried the same thing with Reagan, but were not as heavily funded as they are today.

Democrats are seizing on this, embracing their fellow swamp-dwellers in the GOP Establishment to take down “MAGA Republicans.” I prefer to think of us as America First Patriots, but since the MAGA movement is what really got all of this started, it’s fair to use that term as well. We truly do want to make America great again, and neither the Democrats nor the GOPe has any intention of letting that happen.

Listen to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer invoke “MAGA Republicans” and associate it with concepts like White Replacement in an effort to not only aid his RINO cronies in retaking control of the GOP but also convert centrist voters into Democrats:

As I covered in the latest episode of America First Report, we cannot allow that to happen. In fact, we should use Schumer’s words as well as the words of RINOs like Mike Pence and The Lincoln Project to remind patriotic Americans that they’re being gaslighted by The Swamp. If they want to divide us based on our patriotism, so be it. Terms accepted.

The distinction between RINOs and Democrats is minimal. As I’ve said many times in the past, primary elections are far more important than the general election because if we vote in a bunch of RINOs, we will not change America for the better. They’re all in The Swamp.

There are really three major parties in America. There are the radical leftist “Democrat Socialists” like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. There are the “MAGA Republicans,” as Schumer has labeled us, like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Then, there’s the Uniparty, also known as The Swamp. They are made up of the joint forces of Establishment Democrats and Establishment Republicans who use Kabuki Theater to pretend to be opposed to one another in public while hanging out together at the DC Country Club making policies that put America last.

This attempt by Schumer, Pence, and others to invoke identity politics against Republicans in an effort to divide us is desperate, but unfortunately it can be effective. Republicans are so scared of being labeled as racists. It’s a false label for the vast majority of Republicans, but people like Schumer and Pence try to invoke it constantly. Schumer is even trying to use “women’s rights” as a way to pull milquetoast centrist Republicans to his side by claiming some abortion restrictions are better than abolishing the murder or preborn babies. It’s disgusting.

We need to fight harder against The Swamp. If that means we should divide the party by accepting Schumer’s label of “MAGA Republicans,” so be it. I see nothing wrong with wanting to make America great again.