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Democrat Protection of Violent Criminals Must End

Criminal justice reform has been on the Democrats’ agenda for decades. But until recently there was still an understanding that violent criminals need to be locked up. That’s no longer the case as even “mainstream” Democrat politicians embrace ludicrous laws that give more protections to criminals than their victims. Unfortunately, feckless Republicans are allowing it to happen because they think it’ll help them win their next election.

The disturbing murders of Meshay Melendez and her 8-year-old daughter Layla Stewart highlights this point. And while murder charges have not been filed against Melendez’s boyfriend, Kirkland Warren, a representative for the victims is pointing fingers at the court.

Here’s the timeline of events, according to KATU in Washington:

  • Court documents show Warren was arrested on March 2 for shooting at Melendez’s home in December.
  • On March 3, he was released on bail and ordered to have no contact with Melendez.
  • On March 6, he was arrested again for violating the protection order by calling Melendez from jail.
  • On March 8, he was released from jail.
  • On March 12, Melendez and her daughter were seen for the last time with Warren in his car by a witness.
  • On March 18, Melendez and her daughter were reported missing.
  • On March 20, Warren was arrested and charged with tampering with a witness, violating a protection order, and unlawful possession of a firearm.
  • On March 21, Warren was named a person of interest in the disappearance of Melendez and her daughter, and a judge ordered that bail be increased to $1 million and ankle monitoring.
  • On March 22, the bodies of Melendez and her daughter were found.

A man with a violent criminal history was arrested this month for shooting at the home of his victims. He was released. He violated the protection order. He was released again.

The bodies of the people he was victimizing were found two weeks later.

This is becoming far too common in cities and states that embrace modern Democrat policies.

“She was so beautiful, so outgoing,” said Jean Booth, who was Meshay’s godmother when she was little. “She was a great mom, and Layla was just gorgeous. She probably would have been a super model given the chance to grow up. God, it breaks my heart.”

My initial commentary against Democrats embracing so many laws that are weak on criminals and the Republicans who do nothing to stop them was nearly 1100-words. After rereading it, I have deleted it. This topic doesn’t need commentary. Anybody who is incapable of seeing the insanity inherent in this case will not be convinced by a thousand words, ten thousand words, or pretty much anything else. You either see it prima facie or you’re willfully blind.

Far too many in this nation are bowing down to the wokeness that wants minimal or no bail, light sentencing, and defunded police. When did the desire for self-preservation get replaced by suicidal virtue-signaling?

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