Democrat Homosexual Mega-Donor Ed Buck Gets 30-Years for Drugging Young Black Homeless Men to Death

If Hillary Clinton confidant and Democrat mega-donor Ed Buck serves his full term in prison, he’ll be 97-years-old when he gets out. That’s based on the convicted pervert and killer of homeless men’s 30-year sentence which was just handed down to him.

According to ABC7:

Former Democratic donor Ed Buck was sentenced Thursday to 30 years in federal prison in connection with the overdose deaths of two men at his West Hollywood apartment.

Buck was found guilty last year of supplying methamphetamine to Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, who died in separate incidents in July 2017 and January 2019, respectively.

Buck, now 67, lured young Black men who were often experiencing homelessness, addiction, and/or poverty to his apartment for sexually charged sessions in which he would inject them with methamphetamine and drug them with sedatives, with and without their consent, federal prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memorandum.

This will get practically no attention from national corporate media because Buck is known to have funded some of the most popular Democrats in California and beyond, including Hillary Clinton on multiple occasion, Congressman Adam Schiff, and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Buck’s thirst for gay sex with drugged-up homeless men is why he helped to kill at least two of them, possibly many more. He’s just the latest powerful Democrat to fall over his own sadistic desires.