Democrat Lawmakers Are Getting Worried About RFK Jr’s Rise

Senators from both parties are expressing concerns that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign may impact the 2024 election in favor of either former President Trump or President Biden. Democrats, in particular, are worried that Kennedy, with his family’s legacy in the Democratic Party, might draw votes away from Biden, potentially helping Trump.

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) fears that Kennedy’s candidacy could benefit Trump more, suggesting he is being used. Kennedy’s recent declaration that Biden is a “much worse threat to democracy” than Trump has alarmed Democrats, who see his rhetoric aligning with Trump’s.

Despite Kennedy’s family members publicly opposing his bid, his campaign has garnered enough support to potentially qualify for ballot access in several key states. This unexpected traction has led lawmakers to draw parallels with Ross Perot’s role in the 1992 presidential election, where he was seen as a spoiler candidate.

Republican senators, while acknowledging that Kennedy could siphon votes from Trump, believe he may hurt Biden more. They note that Trump is actively working to distinguish himself from Kennedy, emphasizing the latter’s liberal stances.

The Democratic National Committee is taking Kennedy’s campaign seriously, setting up a team to monitor his efforts to get on the ballot in swing states. Some Democrats argue that Kennedy’s anti-vaccine stance and his support for conspiracy theories align more closely with Trump than with Biden.

Kennedy’s campaign has been controversial, with some of his family members publicly opposing his candidacy and a campaign staffer being fired for misrepresentation. Despite this, Kennedy’s team claims to have enough signatures to qualify for ballot access in several states, including key battlegrounds.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) suggests that Kennedy’s candidacy could have unpredictable effects on the race, potentially drawing out voters who wouldn’t normally participate. He also notes that the race is so close that any third-party candidate, including Kennedy, could swing the election in either direction.

Overall, the entry of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. into the presidential race has injected a new layer of uncertainty into the 2024 election, with both parties closely watching his campaign’s impact.

Article generated from corporate media reports.