Democrat Deep State Collusion: Crooked Hillary’s Former Attorney Michael Sussmann had a KEYCARD to Get Into FBI Headquarters

Patriots have known for a long time that we have two major foes within our own government. Both the Democrat Party and the Deep State are working against us and the nation itself in their ongoing efforts to bring down America. But as Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed on yesterday’s show, the two entities are essentially one in the same.

Michael Sussman, the former attorney for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign who was deeply rooted in the Russiagate scandal, was working so closely with the FBI that he had a keycard to enter their headquarters in Washington DC.

At the 8:09 mark in the video below, Carlson dropped the bombshell.

“Now, the FBI pretended to be outraged by the fact that Michael Sussmann had lied to them, but then we learned actually the FBI was working with Michael Sussmann and his law firm Perkins Coie,” Carlson said. “Perkins Coie had an FBI workspace in its offices for a decade and Michael Sussmann was so close to the FBI, he had a keycard to FBI Headquarters. We know this from a recently released text exchange.”

“Do you have a badge or do you need help getting into the building?” he was asked by FBI General Counsel James A. Baker.

“I have a badge. Please remind me of your room #” Sussmann replied.

Sussmann FBI Badge

Of course he was found not guilty. There was never really a chance he was going to get convicted, not when he’s protected by both Democrats and the Deep State. The only question is where does one end and the other begin.