Dementia Joe Repeats Thoroughly Debunked Tail for SEVENTH Time as Mental Acuity Approaches Nil

81 million Americans allegedly put a dementia-ridden liar, racist, and puppet-to-the-highest-bidder in the White House, and the results have been predictable. Not only has his regime driven the United States to the brink of falling from our spot as the world’s superpower, but Joe Biden himself reaffirms his status as a walking punchline for the world to laugh at on a daily basis.

His latest mental lapse came during a manufacturing event in Ohio with Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman. There, he repeated a story that has been debunked so many times even the radical leftist fact-checkers can no longer ignore it on his behalf. According to The Daily Mail:

  • Biden, 79, was speaking at a manufacturing event in Ohio with Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman
  • The president once again recalled the encounter with a man named Angelo Negri
  • In this re-telling, it happens early during his vice presidency, before Biden’s mother passed away in January 2010
  • President Biden often tells this story as an attempt to emphasize the need for infrastructure repairs and funding for America’s rail system
  • A key issue with the tale is that Negri retired as an Amtrak conductor in 1993, according to his 2014 obituary
  • That is long before Biden – the oldest man to ever be elected or serve as president – was elected vice president in 2008

Politicians lie. The elderly often get confused. Democrats will use anything and everything for their political gain. When you combine these three traits in a man like Joe Biden, it’s not shocking that he repeats this falsehood every chance he gets.