Tesla Charging Line

Dementia Joe and Gruesome Newsom Wanted This: Video Shows Tesla Charging Station Lines in Commiefornia

There are pros and cons with electric vehicles, not the least of which is the higher cost of purchase in a crumbling Biden economy. But with gas prices skyrocketing, many Americans are turning to them to save at the pump. But are they really saving money, especially in high-density cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco?

As the old saying goes, time is money. It takes 40+ minutes to charge a Tesla using a Supercharging station. That’s far worse than the four or five minutes it takes to fill up a gas tank. All things being equal, this might still be a worthwhile tradeoff, but there’s one major problem that California residents are quickly learning. When there aren’t enough charging stations available, you’re not just waiting 40+ minutes. You’re waiting for the people ahead of you who are also taking 40+ minutes for their vehicles.

Here’s a recent Tweet and video depicting this problem in real life:

Yep! An 8 hour wait to charge an Electric Vehicle in California! That’s what you want Joe? Add more cars and it will be a 24 hour wait!

This is what Gavin Newsom, Joe Biden, and the vast majority of Democrats want for us. Imagine what it will look like as more people buy electric cars and outpace installation of charging stations. This is a disaster now and it’s likely to get much worse.