Defensive Wounds? Obama Spotted Golfing With Bandaged Fingers and Possible Wounded Eye Days After Chef’s Death

Images have appeared online of Barack Obama golfing that have people raising questions. He wears bandages on his left (dominant) hand and may or may not have a small wound under his left eye, depending on who you ask. Here’s a post from Twitter:

The images, which came from an article on Daily Mail, clearly show the bandages and have people speculating about the dark spot that appears to be on his face. The latter is questionable; certainly he either wouldn’t come out in public or would wear makeup if they were trying to hide something suspicious but who knows?

Obama (1)

All of this comes days after his sous chef, Tafari Campbell, was found dead. According to The Gateway Pundit:

Dressed in a green polo shirt and white shorts, Barack Obama was seen engaged in a round of golf at the exclusive Vineyard Golf Club. The former president, noticeably bearing bandaged fingers, which causes speculations online.

Citizen journalist Travis of Flint, Michigan wrote, “just days after his personal chef and friend died in a very mysterious paddle boarding accident, Barack Obama appears to have injured fingers and a black eye. We still don’t know who the other person was and Obama loves paddle boarding. I think we can all guess what happened at this point!”

The reason for the tragic death of Tafari Campbell remains a mystery.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Martha’s Vineyard law enforcement appears to have left a significant void in the details surrounding the tragic drowning of Obama’s private chef, Tafari Campbell.

The Obamas aren’t the Clintons who have racked up a huge list of people close to them who have died mysteriously. Then again, perhaps the Obamas are just much better at covering their tracks.