Deep State False-Flaggers in Khakis

Deep State False-Flaggers in Khakis?

I’ll admit, I’ve never had less fun researching an organization than I did when researching “Patriot Front.” These guys are idiots who make the “right” look bad with every hateful word they utter. But are they real? Is this just another white supremacy group that wants attention, or are they a Deep State front used for leftist fodder at best and false flag “insurrection” at worst?

After reviewing them, I’m leaning towards Deep State. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of true believers in white supremacy among them. There are clearly plenty. But either they’re simply too comical for anyone to even notice or they’re operated by Deep State agents who have bigger plans for them in the future.

The group formed after the Unite the Right debacle in Charlottesville that helped launch the white supremacy narrative the left loves to use to label anyone on the right, especially Donald Trump supporters. They’re a real organization. I’m not going to link to any of their “work” because it’s just too hideous, but I can say it has all the markings of a long-play Deep State plot. They’re just so satirical that for them to NOT be contrived by the Deep State, their leaders would have have to be a combination of charismatic recruiters and complete idiots. They make themselves laughable.

Knee pads? Really?

While many actual conservatives on social media are ridiculing them and exposing them as likely Deep Staters, we should be careful. If this is indeed the Deep State caricature of white supremacists, then their actions yesterday indicate they likely have a false flag planned.

“Reclaiming America” has been a mantra for many on the right for a long time. But the meaning has been subverted by these white supremacists. Their version of “reclaiming” is to target those who are not white for expulsion from America… or worse. Hopefully, they’re just a distraction for leftist media fodder.

Patriot Front: is it real action or a government distraction?

So about that dance squad … sorry … ‘Patriot Front’ group in khakis marching around with shields and riding off in their U-Hauls, it just gets dumber

Whether they’re a Deep State machination or just a bunch of losers, Patriot Front needs to be watched closely. It’s been nearly a year since the last major false flag on January 6. Are the powers-that-be planning another?

Update: Lara Logan is on the case…

Message to the puppet masters responsible for trying to destroy the US: You cannot win. What unites Americans of every race, color & creed is stronger than anything that divides us. Together we will fight for freedom & our god-given rights enshrined in the constitution.

You cannot re-write history, you cannot falsely re-define words, you cannot create new genders that don’t exist because you do not create life & never will. You cannot deceive us or our children or any free man, women or child & you will never take away our free will.

“We the people” see you for who & what you truly are & there’s one thing you should know: we do not fear you. So we will not bow, we will not break & together we will stand for truth, justice, freedom & liberty for all. There is only one truth & you cannot change it.