“Deep State Dan” Crenshaw Cancels Appearance at TexasYR Event After Alex Bruesewitz Threatened to Ask a Question

The actions of the Deep State are often inexplicable. Sometimes, their purpose is clear as day. The latter is likely the case with Deep State congressional shill Dan Crenshaw after he cancelled his appearance at a Young Republicans event in his home state.

Could it be that he was going to be asked by a prominent patriot about his Ukraine-First policy stances?

According to Alex Bruesewitz:

“Last night I tweeted this about @DanCrenshawTX. Just got word that deep state Dan CANCELLED on this event with @TexasYRs. So guess I won’t be coming to Dallas after all. He apparently has somewhere more important to be. Where’s America Last Dan going instead?”

The post Bruesewitz referenced said he was going to the event where Crenshaw would be and ask “why he puts the corrupt Ukrainian Government ahead of the American people.”

Crenshaw was among many Republicans who voted to send billions of dollars worth of aid to the Ukrainian government. But Crenshaw has gone further than most in his party, echoing constant warmongering rhetoric and attacking America First patriotic colleagues on Capitol Hill.

The only way to expose the Deep State is to corner their shills and ask them the tough questions. If they’re honest, they’ll reveal things the American people don’t want to hear. If they lie, then they’re liars. Either way, they’re exposed.