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Death Jab Profiteer Bill Gates Stealthily Promotes WHO Pandemic Treaty by Talking to Us Like 1st Graders

There are two things to know about Bill Gates. His skill is not in technology. It’s definitely not in healthcare. His only true skill is as a salesman and he’s proven to be exceptional at it. The second thing to know about Bill Gates is that he believes we’re all extremely stupid. That’s why it’s no surprise that his article in the NY Times stealthily promoting the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty is written for a 1st grade level of understanding.

He even has firefighters’ helmets with syringes on them as the article‘s illustration.

I talked about it on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show.

In the article, he presses for support for Global Health Emergency Corps. This is an organization within the World Health Organization under his control that is the tip of the spear for scandemic responses. The article itself is designed to make us fear whatever plandemics he and his globalist elite cabal cronies have scheduled for us.

Even though he doesn’t explicitly mention the Pandemic Treaty, its tenets are sprinkled throughout the article. It’s noteworthy that he makes a big push for sewage testing, saying, “Environmental surveillance like sewage testing is key, since many pathogens show up in human waste.”

This is a ludicrous concept that’s being pushed onto western society for two reasons. First, it is practically impossible to duplicate and therefore impossible to debunk. If they say there are pathogens in our poop, what are we going to do to deny them?

Second, it allows them to initiate quarantines and lockdowns on whatever areas they want. They don’t need to identify a sick patient in order to declare that some town, city, or county needs to be locked down.

It all goes back to the Pandemic Treaty and the WHO’s push for two things. They need every nation to accept it and they need the United States to fund it. Gates made the push for both of those ideas in the final paragraphs of his sales pitch article:

This is where practice makes perfect. By running drills and simulations, the corps will uncover the areas where ‌countries and leaders are not ready and help us fix them now. ‌It’s important to practice for lots of different types of pathogens, too. Human respiratory diseases are a huge concern, because they can go global so quickly. (Just look at how fast Covid spread.) But they are far from the only threat. What if the next pandemic-potential pathogen spreads through surface droplets? Or if it is sexually transmitted like H.I.V.? What if it’s the result of bioterrorism? Each scenario requires a different response, and the Emergency Corps can help the world get ready for all of them.

We can’t afford to get caught flat-footed again. The world must take action now to make sure Covid-19 becomes the last pandemic, and one of the biggest moves we can make is to support the world’s principal health experts — the W.H.O. — and invest in the Global Health Emergency Corps so it can live up to its full potential.

‌‌This will require two things: First, public health leaders from all countries need to participate. The next ‌pandemic could emerge anywhere, and so the Emergency Corps must have expertise from every corner of the globe, including from national disease and research agencies like the C.D.C. and the N.I.H. in the United States. Second, we need wealthier countries to step up and provide funding to make this a reality.

‌‌I believe the W.H.O. remains our best tool for helping countries stop disease outbreaks, and the Global Health Emergency Corps will represent massive progress toward a pandemic-free future. The ‌question ‌‌is whether we have the foresight to invest in that future now before it’s too late.

Notice the extreme level of fearmongering inherent in his pleas.

It’s coming, folks. They want you scared. They want us to be compliant, complacent, and docile. Their depopulation and control agenda is rolling out before our eyes.

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