Death by Medical Tyranny_ Mother Forced to Get Jab to Be a 'Room Mom' Dies from Blood Clots

Death by Medical Tyranny: Mother Forced to Get Jab to Be a ‘Room Mom’ Dies from Blood Clots

Jessica Berg Wilson wanted to be with her children more, so she applied to be a “Room Mom” at their school. Unfortunately for her, the vaccine mandate meant to do as she wanted, she needed to get the jab, which she did on August 26. On September 7, she died from blood clots.

According to KOMO News:

Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, received the J & J vaccine on Aug. 26 and died Sept. 7, according to her family.

Jessica’s obituary says she was an exceptionally healthy and vibrant mother of two young girls with no underlying health conditions.

Seattle King County Public Health says she died from a special type of thrombosis – a condition identified as a rare, but potentially adverse event in people who received the J&J vaccine.

The CDC has reported just three other confirmed deaths nationwide due to the rare blood clotting syndrome while 38 people have confirmed blood clot cases after receiving the J&J vaccine.

“Nothing lessens the burden on this woman and her family and I’m sorry for that,” said Dr. Chris Spitters who is the Snohomish County Health Director. “But it doesn’t shake our faith in the vaccines and the overwhelmingly positive impacts despite these side effects.”

But for Berg Wilson, her obituary says she strongly opposed getting the vaccine because she was young and in good health.

But because she wanted to spend time in her child’s classroom, she got the vaccine.

“Jessica was pressured to get the vaccine due to a vaccine mandate at their child’s school requiring ‘room moms’ who wished to serve in the classroom be fully vaccinated,”said Berg Wilson’s obituary.

It was Berg Wilson’s greatest passion to be the best mother to her young daughters who will now grow up with only memories of their Mom.

This is obviously a tragedy for everyone involved, particularly the family who has lost someone so dedicated to them. These power little girls will have to go through life without their loving mother because other people feared a disease that barely affects children and has a 99.93% recovery rate for people her age. Since the drugs do not prevent Covid-19 from spreading, she was less of a danger to others after getting the jabs.

How many people have to die as a direct result of medical tyranny before more Americans wake up and speak out?

Here’s my video commentary on the story: