Dear Unvaxxed Federal Employees_ Find a New Job or Prepare to Be Oppressed at Work

Dear Unvaxxed Federal Employees: Find a New Job or Prepare to Be Oppressed at Work

The announcement this week that the DoJ claims vaccine mandates are legal (they’re not and the DoJ knows it) sparked speculation that the Biden regime would soon be initiating them. Biden himself confirmed it Tuesday. Preparations are already being made.

In the coming months, perhaps even weeks, the FDA will approve one or more vaccines. The Biden regime doesn’t have to wait for that, but they may hold off just for optics. Either way, they’re going to mandate all government employees to be vaccinated or face severe restrictions. They’ll be tested constantly, excluded from certain activities, forced to wear face masks even if the latest guidelines are changed, and restricted from travel.

They’ll also likely be passed over for promotions and transfers, or transferred where they don’t want to go. In other words, they’re going to experience a (technically) legal form of oppression and discrimination. According to Children’s Health Defense:

On Tuesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson pounced on the latest news about COVID vaccine mandates.

Carlson said, “That is not a small development. The federal government is the largest workforce in the world … so an awful lot of lives will be affected by this policy.”

Claiming that we’ve long ago left the realm of health, Carlson said the mandates are about politics and “social control.”

If you’re an unvaxxed government employee, you will have three options. The first is (at least it should be) a non-option: Get vaxxed. The second is to find a new job in the private sector, though many companies are embracing vaccine requirements and more will follow. The third is to prepare for the oppression that’s coming and ride it out until it ends. There’s no guarantee it ever will, though.

If things get as bad with the vaccinated as many believe they will, then we’ll need as many as possible to choose option three. Imagine a government in which nearly all employees are incapacitated in some way. Though the libertarian in me thinks that might not be such a bad thing, the reality is that it would be catastrophic. Someone needs to be there to step up if our fears of future vaccine problems come to pass.

What happens if our fears regarding the Covid-19 “vaccines” come to pass? The theories regarding future effects of the “vaccines” are wide-ranging from the logical to the absurd. But even the most ludicrous theories are not as far-fetched as they may seem when we consider the globalist elite agenda of The Great Reset. Depopulation makes sense to them, as does totalitarian control predicated by a worldwide catastrophe bigger than the pandemic we’re seeing today.

We are not on the dawn of a brave new world. We are staring at a terrified world in which authoritarians become totalitarians and the rest of us are servants to the machine. And I may actually be understating the situation.

Image by DoroT Schenk from Pixabay