Dear Leader Biden's Latest Statement on Gas Prices Is a Harbinger of the Emerging Neo-Marxist Narrative

Dear Leader Biden’s Latest Statement on Gas Prices Is a Harbinger of the Emerging Neo-Marxist Narrative

Anyone who thinks the Biden regime’s incompetence is to blame for skyrocketing gas prices, inflation, and the supply chain crisis needs to take a closer look at what they’re doing. They’re not failing miserably. They’re accomplishing EXACTLY what they set to accomplish.

The latest example of the shift from sound policies to the formation of their Neo-Marxist agenda came during a speech Joe Biden delivered today in which he proudly said something that even Barack Obama would never have uttered. He touted their efforts to slightly reduce energy prices, then gave the ultimate qualifier.

“We’re going to keep at it to make sure the American people are paying their fair share for gas,” he said.

And in case anything thinks he may have read it wrong from the teleprompter, as he often does, notice that he speaks the key words slowly, precisely, and with emphasis. This is the message they fully intended to send today. They are normalizing socialist phrases and homogenizing them with standard American capitalist principles.

Any administration working on behalf of the American people would strive to lower gas prices to acceptable levels. That’s not what this regime wants. They know that cheap gas means their climate change hysteria agenda will have a harder time making sense. Rather than lower the costs of renewable energy by promoting innovation and allowing the technology to catch up with demand, they are attempting to force demand by making energy scarce and expensive.

Gas isn’t the only target. They’re doing the same thing with our broken supply chain. They don’t really want to “fix” it. They want to normalize scarcity so the people will own less and accept it. All of this is designed to help usher in The Great Reset to have a society they believe will embrace the mantra, “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

They’re right about one thing. If we don’t stop the radical lurch that’s happening in halls of government across the country, we will own nothing. They’re also right in their notion that all of the peasants (anyone other than the elite) will be equal in level of happiness. What they won’t tell you is that it means everyone will be equally miserable, destitute, and broken.

It was one phrase enunciated by a bungling old man pretending to be President, but in those words we should realize that their Neo-Marxist agenda is in full-swing. They aren’t failing. They’re succeeding with the evil plan to bring forth America’s demise.

Here’s the video: