Dear Leader Biden's Approval Rating Drops Again . . . But It's Still Higher Than Kamala's

Dear Leader Biden’s Approval Rating Drops Again . . . But It’s Still Higher Than Kamala’s

The bad news for Joe Biden is that his approval rating in the Democrat-friendly USA Today/Suffolk poll dropped to an abysmal 37.8%, far below what one would expect from someone who allegedly got more votes than any person in U.S. history. The good news is if Democrats hope to replace him soon, they won’t get a bump from Kamala Harris. Her approval rating is ten points lower than Joe’s.

According to USA Today:

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, taken Wednesday through Friday, found that Biden’s support cratered among the independent voters who delivered his margin of victory over President Donald Trump one year ago.

“Cratered” is fitting considering that Independents, by 7-1 (44%-6%), say he’s done worse, not better, than they expected. His failures continue to accumulate with barely any feathers to put in his cap. The passage of the massive infrastructure bill will give him a bit of a boost, but that goodwill could be erased if he’s somehow able to pass his gargantuan “Build Back Better” plan which is far less popular.

According to Zero Hedge:

The poll also found that Biden has lost massive ground with voters who backed him in 2020. Among those who voted for him last year, 39% said they hoped he doesn’t run for a second term, while 50% hoped he would. Among Trump voters, 26% hoped he wouldn’t run again vs. 65% who hoped he would.

“I thought he did a great job then and I know he’ll do a great job in the future,” said Lynda Ensenat, 54, a Trump voter and independent insurance adjuster from New Orleans. “There’s a whole lot going wrong in this society right now, and all the Democrat liberals – that’s what they’re 100% for.”

Biden has “been wrong on absolutely everything he’s touched,” she added.

I’m generally not one who takes polls into consideration in the days leading up to an election, let alone polls that are a year out, but this clearly bodes well for Republicans in the midterm elections. It’s always hard for a party in complete control to maintain their majorities through the midterm; Americans have proven to be quite fickle in recent decades. The way the Biden-Harris regime are going and with results from elections last Tuesday showing a red wave in the making, things look good for the GOP.

The only silver lining for Biden is that Kamala Harris is far less likable. Barely a quarter of Americans — 27.8% — approve of the job she has done. I guess doing nothing productive is appealing to one out of four Americans.