Joe Biden

Dear Leader Biden, Who Never Visited Waukesha, Is Already Heading to Buffalo to Bask in the Optics of Manipulated News

Corporate media is busying itself building the false narrative that the Buffalo mass murderer, who was a former communist and avowed green ethno-nationalist fascist socialist, was actually a Republican influenced by Tucker Carlson and Fox News. This is blatantly false, of course, but they say if you repeat a lie often enough…

The reason they’re doing this was just revealed as Democrats have planned since shortly after the shooting (and possibly before if you believe the “false flag” conspiracy theories) to capitalize on it as a way to paint Republicans as evil racists while also pushing gun control. In fact, they’re sending Dear Leader Joe Biden to the scene to capture emotional momentum with a photo op.

According to Todd Starnes:

JUST IN: President Biden will visit Buffalo on Tuesday. There’s no word yet on when he will visit Waukesha, WI or Orange County, CA or Brooklyn, NY.

Populist show host Kim Iversen tried to debunk the Rolling Stone piece, but as is often the case, her words will almost certainly never reach those who have already absorbed the fake news Rolling Stone and others are peddling:

Actually, the shooter categorized himself as “authoritarian left” who was once a communist now turned green ethno-nationalist fascist socialist. Just proves white supremacy isn’t only on the right, especially with these younger generations. Also proves Rolling Stone is a joke.

And as I replied:

Rolling Stone, unfortunately, still has some sway and the vast majority of their readers absorb propaganda like sponges. Fake news disseminators like Rolling Stone aren’t stupid. They know any debunking of their lies will never reach the target audience they’re indoctrinated.

Five months ago, a race-driven mass murder was committed in Waukesha, and Joe Biden has never visited. This more than anything else demonstrates that he is now going to Buffalo for political reasons only.