Dear Leader Biden to Impose New Lockdowns Over Omicron Scariant

Dear Leader Biden to Impose New Lockdowns Over Omicron Scariant

Multiple reports are coming in that Joe Biden will address the nation on Tuesday to unveil another round of draconian lockdowns nationwide. The rapid spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is the latest fearmongering tool being used to exert perpetual control over the masses.

But the narrative will be a tough one to sell because the agenda to jab every man, woman, and child in the country is contradicted by Omicron’s apparent immunity against the injections. They’ll need to mix in gaslighting, fake science, and outright lies in order to deliver both sides of the message with a straight face. According to The Post Millennial:

Joe Biden reportedly plans to make a major speech on Tuesday, which will include an announcement of new COVID-19 measures to address the “new phase of the pandemic” but also “a stark warning” to unvaccinated Americans.

This is expected to be a continuation of two sales pitches the regime has been using: The old “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative that some still think is working and the new “winter of death for the unvaxxed” narrative that they started testing this week.

“I know COVID-19 has been very divisive in this country, has become a political issue, which is a sad, sad commentary. It shouldn’t be, but it has been,” Biden said Thursday. “Now, as we move into the winter and face the challenge of this new variant, this is a moment we can put the divisiveness behind us, I hope.”

We fully expect the new lockdowns to be as obtuse as previous versions, perhaps even more so. The only real difference is that they have to explain to the “fully vaccinated” why they’re being forced to upend their lives again after being promised normalcy from the jabs. The blame for everything from Omicron to lockdowns to the economic collapse to poor polling numbers will be placed squarely on the unvaxxed. Climate change alarmists will be jealous that their boogeyman is being usurped by us wretched unclean folks.